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Fiery Reflections- Aries season 2023

Little did I know that the new moon in Aries a couple of weeks back would be just the beginning of some of my most potent reflections to date. Being a fire babe myself, sun sign and Dosha, I usually feel as though I have the element under control, in and around me. Insert opportunities to be humbled 😝 .

The start of Aries season was beautifully aligned with the spring equinox and I felt the joy, passion and transformative qualities of fire. My offering during that week focussed on opening the heart chakra, pleasure and trust.

I slowly began to transition into a state of seeking balance and that began appearing in each and every facet of my life. I quickly realized that I was being invited to take inventory and to check myself.

•Where in my life do I often burn myself out? •Am I headed that way?

•How can I make adjustments?

•How is my digestion? Physical? Mental? Emotional?

This week brought in the heat 🔥🔺

Inspired by my reflections and revelations, I led my class Monday night and called it 🔺playing with fire -flirting between effort and effortlessness, discovering our fiery boundaries and recognizing when we need to rest or or invite in some cooling energy.

I have moved through and experienced a full spectrum of fiery qualities and emotions as this week brought up feelings of deep anger.

•Where do I go when the fire gets hot?

•What is my process around digesting and assimilating challenging emotions?

And all while experiencing this strong elemental presence in one area my being, I felt the lack of fire in other areas. An inability to focus and a lowered creative drive had me spending some time cultivating fire and sending it where it was needed.

We are constantly working towards a sense of equilibrium or to creating that sense of home within our beings - it is ever changing. What is happening within our bodies is also happening around us in our every day lives- with the infinite potential to creatively reflect things back to us, the universe is always communicating. Are you paying attention?

So honoured to be here at this time playing in this playground called life. The learning is endless and I feel truly blessed to play the role of student in this life. #SchoolOfLife #StudentForever

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