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This Is Mi

October 18, 2017

Nothing brings me more joy than travelling and being around the people I love and hold dear to my heart- A combination of both is ultimate bliss!

Hi I’m Michelle or Mi .

I began my yoga practice around 5 years ago and have created this space to share my journey thus far.

I am a very passionate person and wear my heart on my sleeve. I spread my love through hugs and in special cases by biting.

I am attracted to pure, loving and positive souls and consider myself extremely lucky to have a wonderful group of these souls in all areas of my life 🙏🏼

I love feeling the hot sun on my face, I day dream of walking into the sea and I crave warm beach sand between my toes.

I am thought to be a pretty funny person with a great sense of humour. I love a good joke, laughing and admire those with a contagious laugh.

Food, with the exception of lamb and okra, always makes me smile. I have a sweet tooth and indulge in a little chocolate almost everyday, especially late at night.

I pride myself on being an independent soul and my ability to take care of myself. However, I thoroughly enjoy being spoiled and pampered occasionally too.

I am NOT an early morning person, unless I’m on vacation or have plans to do something really fun. I always start my day with some form of exercise and/or internal practice which immediately puts me into my loveable mood.

I spend a lot of time and energy worrying about the people I love, however often forget about myself. I am getting much much better at listening to me or mi :)

Tell me about you. What fills your heart and brings you joy? .

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