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Movement Feels So Damn Yummy

March 31, 2020

Calm• Focused• Soothed• Still•

I had posted this this morning with some lyrics from Justin Bieber’s “yummy” and it was taken down, yet I still very much felt the urge to share. It’s been a long while since I felt the urge to share, but for no real particular reason. Along with everyone on the planet, my daily life as I knew it has changed drastically. In my busy, regular hustle and bustle, I used to turn to my practice to find a calm counter to my fast paced lifestyle. As I have been forced to slow down, I find myself still yearning for my practice and mat on a regular. Here and now I am relishing in those juicy stretches and movements, this time to counter my busy mind and more passive daily habits. The feeling of moving into my first downdog of a practice is something I have cherished from day 1. As I watched this and reflected on my practice I couldn’t help but think... “Yeah, you got that yummy, yum That yummy, yum That yummy, yummy.... Yeah, every time I come around, you get it done” I’m sure this talented artist had something else in mind when writing the song, but for me, today, it was this! I am so grateful. Grateful for my practice. Grateful for its evolution. Grateful for the time to expand.

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