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Just Adjust The Lens

November, 2017

Funny that I came across this photo in my library today. ... I am wearing my favourite fall coat for the first time this season and just spoke on the phone to my beautiful and loving friend Olga from overseas. This was taken last May in NYC by my great friend and travel companion Olga Kou. It was a dream of hers to visit this magnetic city and since I had been a few times before I was nowhere near as excited as her to go. Well we went and the truth is I enjoyed it more than I expected and in a much different way than I had before. I looked at things from a different perspective, with a pure, unmarked and enthusiastic lens- I completely fed off of her energy as she looked around and walked the streets of the city she longed to visit. As an avid traveller I must say that this is something I love about travelling... Every place has its magic and energy and every person has the ability to draw from or attract different aspects of that energy. No time, day or experience is exactly the same- This actually reminds me of the yoga practice. Our bodies or energy are not the same everyday- and so we should always use our clear, unbiased lens when we get on our mats. Give our bodies exactly what they need at that moment on that day and be grateful and proud for each performance. Don’t focus on the body or ability you had yesterday or what you wish you could have tomorrow- focus on what you can do now ❤️.

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