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Returning Home

A 3-part series of exploration- body, mind & soul. All levels welcome

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Connect and align with and within yourself through this 3-part series. This journey blends some of the most beautiful multidimensional aspects of yoga- focus, discipline, self-study, physical postures and breath. This is a fusion yoga course, incorporating some of my favourite teachings, practices and philosophies of Hatha, Yin and Kundalini Yoga. The intention is to re-familiarize ourselves with the magic that exists within. To explore, feel and connect to the one constant in our lives- Our sacred, unique self- Our home. Utilizing our physical, mental and energetic bodies, we will explore the components of our sacred homes. Part 1, will focus on the foundation of our home, our sense of safety and security, our stability, our connection to the earth. In part 2, we will bring our focus to our core, our centre, our strength, our confidence, our power, re-aligning with our sense of self. And in part 3, we connect and open our centres of acceptance, love, compassion & expression, allowing ourselves to fully trust and flow with ease. By Re-exploring and Re-experiencing that sense of calm and peace that is found within, we can Re-establish that powerful connection to our one and only. May we remember that it has been there all along, and that that sense of peace is always available.

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