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meet Mi

"Of all the roads she traveled, the journey

back to herself was the most magnificent."

-Spirit Daughter

I'm michelle!  

I navigate through this lifetime with a curious mind, an open-heart and pure, honest and loving intentions towards myself and others.

Chapter 1:

Born and raised in the city of Toronto, where I spent the first 26 years of my life. An athlete, hard-worker and student of fitness and health sciences, I loved to keep a full schedule. I was always on the go, a pace that allowed little, if any, time for pause, reflection and spiritual growth.  It was a period of excitement, fun, exploring and spending time with friends. I worked hard and played hard. Enjoyed travelling with friends, trying new things and gave full rein to my inner child.

Chapter 2:

An adventure that brought me across the world, to the Island of Crete, in the south of Greece.

While living in this historic, magical and energetically charged paradise, my world view changed immensely.  I found work as an English Teacher, which to date, is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Over the course of 9 years, I explored the world, experienced moments of pure bliss, as well as periods of real heart-break, I faced challenges head on and watched myself grow.

It was during my time in Greece that yoga entered my life for good and in 2012, I began my daily practice.  

Chapter 3:

I returned to Canada in 2015 and in 2017 I took my practice further by completing my first 200 hour YTT in my hometown, Toronto. This training provided a solid knowledge base to support the sacred art that had become an essential part of my life.

It was through this teacher training that I realised my yoga practice was in fact, so much more than the time I actually spent on my mat.

I had been applying principles of ancient yoga philosophy in my life and I hadn't even known it.

Since 2017, my practice and my relationship with myself, has deepened.

During this time of spiritual, energetic and emotional growth, I met my partner Gus and together we began to build a life together.  Between 2017-2019 we completely renovated and restored 2 homes.

Chapter 4:

March 2020, we moved to Gus' house in Northern Ontario. Over the last 2 years we have turned this physical masterpiece into our sacred Home and retreat. A physical and energetic space that we have created together.

It was during this time I really spent time reflecting on the definition of 'Home'. What is Home? Is it a place outside of me? Or is it me? Is it us? 

In November 2021, I began my course in interior design through the Interior Design Institute. As I immersed myself further into this program I found a beautiful and poetic interconnectedness between Yogic teachings and philosophies and the fundamentals of design.

While I spent the last few years working on creating a sense of Home within my own being, I quickly recognized this similarity in the material found within my course.

Chapter 5:

Currently, I am in a period of full integration.

On the mat, I enjoy leading people 'Home' within themselves. Finding that sense of calm, grounding, support we are intrinsically capable of cultivating for ourselves, within ourselves. 

On the physical realm, I absolutely love the creative expression I have found in creating 3D designs, staging rooms and homes and/ envisioning and designing dream spaces.

I believe that we have the ability to create the feelings and sensations we experience throughout our day. Whether it be your living space, work space or mental space, if we build or cultivate the space-the sensations will follow.

My dedication and devotion to myself and my practice are top priority in my life. 

Over the past year I have completed courses and certifications in Reiki, Ayurveda , my 200 Hour YTT in Kundalini and most recently, my certificate in Interior Design.

I am just getting started.

I can not wait to share more of my journey with you all.

I am excited for new opportunities to learn and to grow together.

With Love.



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